You have reached your new house, and your packages have already been unloaded. However, that doesn’t mean that the tasks of moving are already done. If you find packing your things to be strenuous, unpacking and arranging your stuff is equally exhausting.

After arriving at your new house

  • Arrange the beds first and place the mattress at once. At the end of the day everyone will be tired, and what one least wants to do is have to remove piles of bags and heavy things just to sleep.
  • Install the washer and dryer as soon as possible.
  • Check your list of foods that are easy to cook, decide what to cook that day or the next day, depending on when you finish moving things. Then go to the supermarket to buy what you need.

The day after moving

  • Don"t sleep late so you can get up early and enjoy the day. Bathe, wear comfortable clothes (do not stay in your pajamas) and eat a simple but nutritious breakfast, which will keep you full for several hours.
  • Start in the room that is most used, or make it more urgent to unpack. It may be the kitchen, or if you work from home, organize your office first. Go open all the boxes or bags marked as urgent, or those that you know contain the most necessary things.
  • Put everything in place as you are pulling them out of boxes and bags, and take out empty boxes and bags from the room as soon as you empty them.
  • As soon as you finish with the most urgent in that room, resist the desire to continue with the other boxes. Rather move to the other rooms, and do the same with the most important boxes and bags.
  • Mainly, do not try to unpack everything in one day. Do not skip lunch or eat too late, stop once in a while to drink water, rest your legs, etc.

Moving is always a strenuous work and several days and even weeks, but I hope that with these tips, at least not very traumatic.

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